November 10, 2014
Texas Joint Crime Information Center, Employees Receive National Awards Congratulations to the Texas JCIC for winning Fusion Center of the Year. TrapWire Inc is proud to be an important part of the JCIC’s counter-terror and anti-crime operations.

Study: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Executive Summary

The TrapWire System and associated services (TrapWire) is a counterterrorism and crime prevention technology designed to enhance the ability of participants to identify, record, and analyze suspicious behavior, particularly behavior associated with pre-attack surveillance activities. At the time of the evaluation, TrapWire was installed in 65 locations around the United States. During the demonstration phase, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grants paid for the deployment of TrapWire to each participating site/facility (...)

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  • "Our continued interaction with TrapWire is, without question, the most impactful and beneficial relationship we have established to protect our people and assets.”

    - Sr. VP of Hotel and Casino Security
  • “TrapWire has proven to be exactly the type of predictive analytical tool I had been looking for to protect DPS facilities and personnel from both terrorist and criminal events. DPS Troopers, Agents, and officers are still benefiting from the TrapWire surveillance detection training they received almost two years ago.”

    - Senior Official, Texas Department of Public Safety

  • “I wish I had had this training 20 years ago...I would have been doing my job very differently.”

    - London Metropolitan Police Officer

  • “I see these indicators all the time, I just never knew what they were or what to do with them.”

    - Private Sector Security Officer

  • “The extensive toolset we now have in TrapWire is something we had been missing. This system has filled a significant gap in our operations.”

    - Senior Corporate Security Executive
Experience Matters
Our US and international clients consistently seek us out due to the deep domain expertise we bring in the areas of counter-terrorism, surveillance detection, intelligence collection and analysis. By combining our operational expertise with expert technologists, we have developed a highly effective means of assisting law enforcement and security personnel in the prevention of terrorist attacks and criminal activity.
Prevention vs. Mitigation
TrapWire is a unique, predictive software system that has been proven highly effective in detecting patterns of behavior indicative of hostile surveillance. This capability represents a new, proactive approach to anti-terror and anti-crime operations. While Gates, Guns and Guards are essential elements of any sound security plan, they are designed to react to the event once it is underway, rather than preventing the incident from happening in the first place.
Network Effect
When planning an operation, terrorists and criminals usually conduct detailed surveillance against multiple targets in order to identify the site(s) that afford the greatest likelihood of success. TrapWire’s networked environment allows for instant comparisons of multiple events across traditional geographic and organizational boundaries.