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The Intelligent Security Method


Our customers are equipped with advanced tools and timely information to forge a proactive security posture. Dots are collected and analyzed. Threats are revealed. Alerts are issued. Investigations are launched. Partners collaborate. It all happens in advance of a potential incident, not after, and gets our customers “left of boom.”


TRAPWIRE is a comprehensive methodology for detecting threats in the planning stages and producing opportunities to prevent terrorist and criminal events. A security posture focused on prevention requires awareness, knowledge and tools. We provide it all in one centralized, highly secure and encrypted platform that is synchronized with our expert services and award-winning support.



Threat data provides little value if it is not in the hands of the right people at the right time. TRAPWIRE generates instant awareness for those who need to know.


TRAPWIRE data is shaped during input using methodologies developed through decades of real-world law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and intelligence operations experience. The resulting output provides our clients with actionable, timely information on threats facing their personnel and assets.

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“Our continued interaction with TRAPWIRE is, without question, the most impactful and beneficial relationship we have established to protect our people and assets.”

Senior Vice President | Hotel & Casino Security

“The extensive toolset we now have in TRAPWIRE is something we had been missing. This system has filled a significant gap in our operations.”

Senior Corporate Security Executive | Private Sector

“TRAPWIRE has proven to be exactly the type of predictive analytical tool I had been looking for to protect DPS facilities and personnel from both terrorist and criminal events. DPS Troopers, Agents, and officers are still benefiting from the TrapWire surveillance detection training they received almost two years ago.”

Senior Official | Texas Department of Public Safety

“I see these indicators all the time, I just never knew what they were or what to do with them.”

Security Officer | Private Sector

“I wish I had had this training 20 years ago…I would have been doing my job very differently.”

Police Officer | London Metropolitan Police Department

Recent Articles


19 Sep

Reactions to the New York Attack: Finding the Balance Between Long-Term and Short-Term Goals in Countering Terror


Consider the following scenario:  

A man enters a hospital emergency room clutching his chest and complaining of shortness of breath. The attending physician notices the man is morbidly obese and learns he’s also diabetic. The doctor sits the man down, hands him some pamphlets about exercise and healthy diet, and begins explaining the importance of making life-style changes. Twenty minutes later the man suffers a massive heart-attack and dies.


21 Oct

TRAPWIRE President Contributes to Business Executives for National Security (BENS) Issue Paper


Dan Botsch, President of TRAPWIRE, contributed to a Business Executives for National Security (BENS) Issue Paper released by BENS during a ceremony on Capitol Hill on 20 October. This paper advocates for a new, networked approach to public safety focusing on public/private partnerships to improve America’s ability to address an increasingly complex threat environment. Below is an excerpt from the Executive Summary of the paper.


20 Oct

Potentially Malicious Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Increases


This is an interesting report by the Combating Terrorism Center on the threats posed by drones and other unmanned aerial systems. At TRAPWIRE, we have noted a significant increase in the number of UAS-related incidents reported by both our private and public sector clients over the past 18 months. These incidents have often occurred at or near critical infrastructure, military installations and public venues. Regardless of whether the UAS operator was identified,


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