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Potentially Malicious Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Increases

This report from CTC shows why we continue to encourage all of our clients to remain vigilant to this potential threat. … [READ MORE]

Sexual Predator on the Loose: Law Enforcement Seeking Help from the Public

Private citizens can provide actionable intelligence on a wide-variety of criminal activities and should be encouraged/reminded that sometimes even the smallest bit of information can lead to a major investigation. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Vendor Performance Award

TRAPWIRE Inc. has received an Exceptional Vendor Recognition Award from the Texas Department of Public Safety. … [READ MORE]

Reactions to the New York Attack: Finding the Balance Between Long-Term and Short-Term Goals in Countering Terror

We must provide our first-responders with the ability to keep us “left of boom,” rather than reacting to the threat after it has happened. … [READ MORE]

NYT: How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

An excellent article on pre-attack tactics, communications and preparations undertaken by terrorist organizations ahead of an attack. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Director Provides Insight to WTOP on the How vs Why of Terrorism

“In the end, whether the attack was carried out by Daesh, al-Qaida or al-Shabaab has little bearing on our immediate, tactical counterterror efforts since many of these groups are often sharing the same attack techniques regardless of their ideological affiliation or end goals.” … [READ MORE]

Potential Security Threats Posed by Social Media and Other Apps

TRAPWIRE bulletin regarding the Pokemon Go app. … [READ MORE]

How Do We Stop the New Terrorist Modus Operandi?

Connecting these dots is currently the single greatest challenge facing law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. … [READ MORE]