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How To Spot a Terrorist: The Dangers of Profiling

Beginning with the Baader-Meinhoff group in Germany the 1970s, to Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma, and on through Anders Breivik in Norway, terrorists have been motivated by a wide-variety of causes. As such, security professionals must not focus exclusively on ethnic profiling, but rather on the actions and activities associated with preparing for an attack. … [READ MORE]

Gates, Guns and Guards: The False Sense of Security

This attack once again drives home the point that gates, guns and guards rarely stop a determined adversary. … [READ MORE]

Egypt Air: Potential Implications for Airport Security

Although the exact cause of Egypt Air flight MS804’s disappearance is unknown, western security officials are exploring the possibility of yet another terror attack against this airline company. While the investigation is still on-going, it will likely cause increased airport security procedures at US terminals – leading to even longer lines and missed flights for travelers. … [READ MORE]

Terror Groups Targeting US Business Community for Assassinations

Although foreign and domestic terrorist organizations have long targeted the private sector, Al-Qaeda’s call for jihadists and lone wolves to target specific US business leaders and entrepreneurs is troubling – but not unexpected. … [READ MORE]

New ISIS Hit Lists

TRAPWIRE analysts have been closely following developments related to the alleged new ISIS targeting list which appears to include private citizens in addition to government employees and security officials. … [READ MORE]

The Pre-Attack Sequence

Understanding the goals (and limitations) of hostile reconnaissance operations should be part of every law enforcement and private security training program. While their intelligence collection practices are critical to their success, they also represent a major vulnerability. Knowing how to exploit that vulnerability is key to establishing an effective defense against terrorism. The first step in that process is understanding the Terrorist Pre-Attack Sequence. … [READ MORE]

European Allies Still Struggle With Intelligence Sharing

What is concerning is that 15 years after 9/11 and 11 years after 7/7, our European allies apparently still struggle with intelligence sharing. … [READ MORE]

Do We Really Know What A Hard Target Is?

For several years there have been discussions and analyses of a shift in terrorist targeting from hard to soft targets. The recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, as well as the 2008 attack in Mumbai, all included so-called soft targets. When we in the West talk of “soft” targets … [READ MORE]