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A Well-Planned Assassination

In response to several queries we received about the tactics used by the RAF we have decided to post an analysis of an assassination carried out by the RAF in Germany in 1989. … [READ MORE]

No More Martyrs: A Shift in Terror Tactics?

As police across Europe and the Middle East continue their search for Istanbul nightclub attacker Lakhe Mashrapov, one cannot but notice an emerging trend with terror attacks over the past two years, namely, the apparent intent by some terrorists to survive the event. … [READ MORE]

Berlin Attack Fits Recent Terror Pattern

The attack against a Christmas market in Berlin follows an all too familiar pattern. … [READ MORE]

A New Approach to Public Safety

Business Executives for National Security (BENS) released an Issue Paper yesterday advocating for a new, networked approach to public safety. This approach focuses on the development of public/private partnerships to improve America’s ability to address an increasingly complex threat environment. … [READ MORE]

Reactions to the New York Attack: Finding the Balance Between Long-Term and Short-Term Goals in Countering Terror

We must provide our first-responders with the ability to keep us “left of boom,” rather than reacting to the threat after it has happened. … [READ MORE]

Potential Security Threats Posed by Social Media and Other Apps

TRAPWIRE bulletin regarding the Pokemon Go app. … [READ MORE]

How Do We Stop the New Terrorist Modus Operandi?

Connecting these dots is currently the single greatest challenge facing law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. … [READ MORE]

Public-Private Information Sharing: Early Threat Detection Extends Beyond Terrorism

As we have seen since our first deployment in 2009, tips and leads from citizens often lead to robust investigations, whether related to terrorism or not. … [READ MORE]