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A Dark Day for Law Enforcement

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the law enforcement officers killed and wounded in yesterday’s brazen attack in Dallas. … [READ MORE]

Istanbul Pre-Attack Planning: The Terrorist’s Greatest Vulnerability

It is physically and financially impossible to harden every public and private sector site in the United States. Nor is that the kind of society most Americans would want to live in. We can, however, make it much more difficult for terrorists to achieve success by becoming more aware of our surroundings and developing a true information sharing platform between the public and private sectors that can alert our law enforcement and intelligence services about possible attacks. … [READ MORE]

Istanbul Airport Attacks

This latest event fits the pattern of terror groups focusing on soft targets outside of security zones. In this case, early reporting indicates the attackers were actually confronted by security officers outside of the airport terminal, but still managed to carry out the operation. … [READ MORE]

The Importance of Understanding the “How” Rather Than Just the “Why” of Terrorism

While understanding the “why’s” of terrorism is an important component of countering this phenomenon, changing the “why’s” will be a Herculean effort. … [READ MORE]

The Head of the Snake: Terrorist Planning Cells are the True Danger

European authorities are, once again, warning about a possible new influx of terrorist operatives planning attacks on the Continent. Potential targets include law enforcement, transportation hubs and US fast food chains. The terrorists are making use of established human trafficking and refugee routes…similar to the MO we have been observing over the past couple of years. … [READ MORE]

Orlando Nightclub Shooting: A Disturbing Pattern

While details are still emerging, all indications are this was a terror attack possibly carried out by a jihadist inspired individual or group. The Orlando shooting fits a troubling pattern of attacks targeting crowded public entertainment venues such as what happened in Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv. … [READ MORE]

How To Spot a Terrorist: The Dangers of Profiling

Beginning with the Baader-Meinhoff group in Germany the 1970s, to Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma, and on through Anders Breivik in Norway, terrorists have been motivated by a wide-variety of causes. As such, security professionals must not focus exclusively on ethnic profiling, but rather on the actions and activities associated with preparing for an attack. … [READ MORE]

Egypt Air: Potential Implications for Airport Security

Although the exact cause of Egypt Air flight MS804’s disappearance is unknown, western security officials are exploring the possibility of yet another terror attack against this airline company. While the investigation is still on-going, it will likely cause increased airport security procedures at US terminals – leading to even longer lines and missed flights for travelers. … [READ MORE]