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The Third Glove

We continue to see speculation within the media that the gloves being worn by the Brussels suspects were associated with the detonator, or as protection against a premature detonation due to static electricity. While it is true the AQ training manual suggests the wearing of gloves to stop static discharge, both AQ and ISIS training manuals instruct their operatives to use clothing or other personal items as visual identifiers during an operation. … [READ MORE]

The Brussels Attacks: Standard Security Procedures Are No Longer Enough

The tragic events in Brussels highlight, once again, the shift of terror attacks against softer targets. … [READ MORE]

“They do their homework” (audio)

Listen to Dan Botsch, President of TRAPWIRE, discuss the challenges faced by the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities in the current terrorism threat environment with WTOP’s J.J. Green. … [READ MORE]

The Chattanooga Effect

Since TRAPWIRE’s inception, our purpose has been to enable our customers to detect pre-attack events and patterns and get the information into the right hands in order to prevent the attack from ever occurring.  The tools and methods we’ve built over the last 12 years have proven very successful at doing just that.  However, it’s an obvious statement that not every attack or criminal act can be prevented, and it’s prudent to move into mitigation when one is underway. … [READ MORE]

Comments on the San Bernardino Terror Attack

Although many people are struggling to understand why the Inland Regional Center was targeted (as opposed to a high-profile iconic site), or why the attackers planned an escape route rather than martyr themselves at the scene, we view these factors as indicators of a potential new modus operandi for attacks on the homeland. … [READ MORE]

The Paris Attacks: A Response

The Paris attacks represent a form of terrorism that will be extremely difficult for Western nations to defeat. This modus operandi hits soft targets, is cheap, low-tech and effective. Moreover, this threat is decentralized, with thousands of potential Jihadis now in place across Europe and the U.S. With the current 24-hour news cycle, it is also guaranteed to capture the world’s attention for weeks. The fact that France considered closing its borders and implementing its first national curfew since WWII is a success metric beyond what ISIS could have anticipated. … [READ MORE]

Preventing Terrorism

It has become commonplace to declare that the world has changed since the attacks of September 11th. We are all acutely aware of the new security challenges and threats we face from terrorism across the globe. Yet, our approach to protecting high-value targets has not significantly changed with the times. … [READ MORE]