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TrapWire Awarded FedRAMP Authorization

We are very pleased to announce that the TrapWire Threat Detection and Analysis System has been awarded FedRAMP Authorization as of August 2018.   … [READ MORE]

WTOP interviews TrapWire’s Mike Maness on anniversary of 9/11 attacks

All of the officials and experts WTOP spoke to concede that no amount of technology or human dedication can cover what Maness fears — complacency. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Director Mike Maness Interviewed for Article on Changing Terror Tactics

As we harden iconic and high-value targets, they shifted to soft targets and crowded spaces. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Launches New Threat Detection System

Our clients are collecting and managing hundreds of threat reports covering criminal activity, terrorist planning and insider threats. Since each of these reports could represent a potential disaster for their organization, they needed a capability to detect threats within this data quickly and efficiently. The release of TrapWire 7.0 will dramatically improve their ability to detect and preempt threats to their personnel and facilities. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Vendor Performance Award

TRAPWIRE Inc. has received an Exceptional Vendor Recognition Award from the Texas Department of Public Safety. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Director Provides Insight to WTOP on the How vs Why of Terrorism

“In the end, whether the attack was carried out by Daesh, al-Qaida or al-Shabaab has little bearing on our immediate, tactical counterterror efforts since many of these groups are often sharing the same attack techniques regardless of their ideological affiliation or end goals.” … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Director Provides Insight on Terrorist Rationale to WTOP

TRAPWIRE Director interviewed by WTOP security correspondent following the Istanbul airport attacks. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE President on Fox News

See Dan Botsch, President of TRAPWIRE, provide comments to Fox News on DC soft target threats. … [READ MORE]