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Potentially Malicious Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Increases

This report from CTC shows why we continue to encourage all of our clients to remain vigilant to this potential threat. … [READ MORE]

Sexual Predator on the Loose: Law Enforcement Seeking Help from the Public

Private citizens can provide actionable intelligence on a wide-variety of criminal activities and should be encouraged/reminded that sometimes even the smallest bit of information can lead to a major investigation. … [READ MORE]

NYT: How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

An excellent article on pre-attack tactics, communications and preparations undertaken by terrorist organizations ahead of an attack. … [READ MORE]

Gates, Guns and Guards: The False Sense of Security

This attack once again drives home the point that gates, guns and guards rarely stop a determined adversary. … [READ MORE]

European Allies Still Struggle With Intelligence Sharing

What is concerning is that 15 years after 9/11 and 11 years after 7/7, our European allies apparently still struggle with intelligence sharing. … [READ MORE]

Dangers of Profiling in Counter-Terrorism

As we show in our Surveillance and Threat Detection Training: the focus must be on the activity, not the ethnic make-up of the individual. … [READ MORE]

Terrorist Targeting of Private Sector Employees: The Importance of Situational Awareness

This possible surveillance of an employee away from their work place is a classic technique used by hostile intelligence services and terror groups alike. … [READ MORE]

Political and Economic Crises Help Terror Recruitment Efforts

This WTOP article correctly points out the longstanding ties between global terrorism and human trafficking. … [READ MORE]