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Balancing Privacy with Security

Balancing privacy concerns with improved security measures has always been a challenge for open societies, as evidenced by the current dilemma facing Apple and the encrypted cell phone used by one of the San Bernardino suspects. … [READ MORE]

Radioactive material stolen in Iraq

The detonation of a “dirty bomb” has long been one of the worst case scenarios for security officials and law enforcement. While much attention has been paid to detecting and interdicting nuclear materials from rogue states, this article serves as a reminder that radioactive elements are obtainable from a wide-variety of non-military sources. … [READ MORE]

Hints of ISIS plot before Paris attacks

Intelligence agencies will continue to struggle with identifying and thwarting terror attacks in the West. By using human smuggling and immigration routes, encrypted communications, and focusing on soft, non-iconic targets, ISIS has effectively rewritten the terror handbook. … [READ MORE]

Unprecedented threats facing U.S.

Another excellent article from WTOP reporter J.J. Green. This article accurately captures the new reality of terrorism: small, self-radicalized and self-sustaining cells of operatives who avoid (or hide) their communications with terror leaders overseas will be extremely difficult to detect. … [READ MORE]

FBI worried ISIL headed to D.C.

We encourage you to read the following article from J.J. Green of WTOP. We also agree with its conclusion: the increasingly desperate state of ISIS operations in Syria will inevitably push them towards expanding their attacks against soft targets elsewhere. … [READ MORE]

ISIS planning ‘special forces-style’ attacks in Europe

This report from EUROPOL supports our long-standing prediction of a shift in terrorist MO from large-scale, iconic site attacks, to smaller “Mumbai-style” attacks against soft targets in the West. … [READ MORE]

The True Lone Wolf is Rare

Despite the growing use of the moniker “lone wolf” it is rare that any successful terror attack (or major criminal event) is planned and carried out by just one person. … [READ MORE]

Re-Evaluating Corporate Security

A complete security posture requires the inclusion of threat detection capabilities – such as surveillance detection training and a suspicious activity reporting system like TrapWire – to actually identify and stop the event from happening. … [READ MORE]