Working Against Modern Terror Cells: A Change in Tactics

Excerpted from: Offline, cultlike, Spain terror cell evaded detection August 24, 2017 MADRID (AFP) – The jihadist cell behind last week’s twin attacks in Spain was built around a “guru” and went completely offline to avoid detection by anti-terrorist police, experts said. The group managed to evade authorities so well that even a giant explosion […]

TRAPWIRE Director Mike Maness Interviewed for Article on Changing Terror Tactics

Excerpted from: Shifting terror tactics prompt State Department’s Europe travel warning By J.J. Green May 2, 2017 “As we harden iconic and high-value targets, they shifted to soft targets and crowded spaces. As we improved our signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection techniques, they shifted to TOR and encrypted apps. And as we started going after […]

TRAPWIRE Launches New Threat Detection System

PR NEWSWIRE RESTON, Va., April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — TrapWire Inc. launched the newest version of their flagship threat detection and analysis system on 3 April 2017. TrapWire 7.0 includes advanced analytic tools, a user-specific threat alert capability, mass warning and notification mobile apps, and a national secure communications platform. Version 7.0 provides a true […]

London Attacks: Indications of Pre-Attack Preparations

  The attack against the Palace of Westminster and innocent civilians along Westminster Bridge continues to follow a recent pattern of terror incidents, namely, an asymmetrical attack using common items such as vehicles and knives against crowded, public targets. At first glance, the attacks in Nice, Berlin and London would appear to be random acts of […]

Inside the Mind of a Terrorist Surveillant

This is the second article in our series discussing real-world terrorist operational planning written by TRAPWIRE Director Michael Maness. (The first article, on an operation conducted by the Red Army Faction in Germany, can be found here.) Mike spent two decades as a senior operations officer and field manager with the Central Intelligence Agency and […]

JCC Bomb Threats: More Than Meets the Eye?

The recent spate of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers (JCC) raises several questions: Are these threats solely for the purposes of intimidation? Is there a pattern to the threats? And most troubling:  Could the threats be used to view security and evacuation protocols in preparation for an attack? This picture epitomizes several security vulnerabilities […]

A Well-Planned Assassination

In our previous post regarding a potential new modus operandi used by some terrorists, we made mention of the possibility that terror groups may now be developing hardened, professional cadres of assassins, rather than using suicide bombers or recruiting martyrs. We noted the similarity in this tactic with terror groups from the 1970s and 80s, […]

No More Martyrs: A Shift in Terror Tactics?

As police across Europe and the Middle East continue their search for Istanbul nightclub attacker Lakhe Mashrapov, one cannot but notice an emerging trend with terror attacks over the past two years, namely, the apparent intent by some terrorists to survive the event. San Bernardino, Brussels, Paris, Berlin and now Istanbul are just a handful […]

Berlin Attack Fits Recent Terror Pattern

The attack against a Christmas market in Berlin follows an all too familiar pattern: an individual who was known to local law enforcement launches a violent attack using an improvised weapon against a soft target. In this instance, the assailant, Anis Amri, escaped from the crime scene (similar to the Paris attack planner, Abdelhamid Abaaoud) […]

A New Approach to Public Safety

Business Executives for National Security (BENS) released an Issue Paper yesterday advocating for a new, networked approach to public safety. This approach focuses on the development of public/private partnerships to improve America’s ability to address an increasingly complex threat environment. This bottom-up approach to threat detection and information sharing could pave the way for significant […]

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