Community Reporting

threat intelligence report

TRAPWIRE Community Reporting is an optional capability that enables clients to leverage non-security employees and other private citizens to report suspicious activity. This is most often deployed to establish, or support existing, “See Something Say Something” campaigns and programs. Community members are usually defined as any group of people you have a responsibility to protect.

Corporate campus or office complex

College campus

Military community and housing areas

Law Enforcement Organization jurisdictions

Fusion Center AORs

Employees and assets spread across a wide geography

TRAPWIRE builds, hosts and maintains the web portals and mobile apps that our clients use in collecting Community Members reports. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure branding, nomenclature, and optimum business practices are adopted and sustained.

All reports entered through the Community Member portals go directly into TRAPWIRE to be vetted and processed by client-designated licensed users and SMEs. Reports that do not meet the standards established by each client are removed. Reports that do meet standards are added to TRAPWIRE for further analysis and comparison against the other reporting on the client’s network.

Unlike many other tips and leads collection systems, there are proven intelligence and analytical methodologies behind the TRAPWIRE Community Reporting system… beginning with our structured reporting format, analysis tools, matching algorithms, pattern detection capabilities, and connectivity to Federal Law Enforcement systems such as eGuardian.