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The TRAPWIRE system is our flagship product and is the preeminent software platform for detecting and alerting on real threats against your assets and personnel. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools all synchronized and accessible in one centralized, highly secure and encrypted platform, including:

  • Incident reporting
  • Pattern analysis and threat detection
  • Originator-controlled information sharing
  • Mass warning and notifications
  • Cross-organizational collaboration

All-Source Reporting

TRAPWIRE is designed to enhance and unify your security posture across all security domains:

  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Physical Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Law Enforcement
  • Force Protection
  • Social Media
  • Executive Protection
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Officer Safety

Security-related incidents and suspicious activity reports are collected and aggregated in TRAPWIRE via native reporting and integration with external systems. The data is then analyzed to identify threats and larger patterns of activity. Via originator-controlled policies and rules, threat information is securely shared with those who need to know.

Situational Awareness

  • Dashboard views provide at-a-glance updates to the latest and most pertinent information streaming in from all sources.
  • Automated alerts propagate as new threat information is brought to light.
  • Interactive maps display location-based threat data.
  • Intuitive search and statistics enable deep-dive inspection at the click of a mouse.
  • Analysis tools empower discovery of patterns that indicate sustained, coordinated activity against your assets.
  • Active institutional memory aggregates and continuously analyzes all your security-related incidents.
  • Mobile apps provide quick and secure access while on the go.
  • Mass notification tools instantly alert personnel of urgent situations within specific geographies and organizations.

Force Multiplier

TRAPWIRE is licensed by clients in a Software-as-a-Service subscription model. It is centrally hosted in TRAPWIRE-owned and operated cloud infrastructure that is highly secure, encrypted, resilient and reliable.

This allows otherwise disparate organizations to join and participate in a broad security network unlike any other, without having to manage or maintain any IT infrastructure.  Cross-entity collaboration, pattern identification, information sharing and alerting produce a tangible force multiplier effect and return-on-investment. All information sharing is originator-controlled through configurable permissions and user groups. Clients that choose to be disconnected from the broader network can also choose to have the TRAPWIRE Analytical Support Center (TASC) act as proxy to other organizations.

Intuitive Intelligence

The TRAPWIRE user interface allows you to perform analysis and gain valuable insight with point-and-click simplicity.  Whether you are charged with the protection of just one asset or numerous facilities spread across geographies and stovepipes, the user experience is integrated and highly intuitive.

Vigilance & Agility

TRAPWIRE is the result of our total and uncompromising focus on providing our clients, and the people they are charged with protecting, a true threat detection system. Our operational vigilance and technical agility allow us to continue advancing the platform as the threat environment, and the adversary’s tactics, evolve.  

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