Any technology is only as good as the people who stand behind it. At TrapWire we pride ourselves as providers of world-class security solutions supported by world-class subject matter experts. Whether it is our Surveillance and Threat Detection trainers, our cyber and social media operations teams, or our product support personnel – our clients are dealing with a dedicated staff of true professionals who keep your security top of mind.


Through a wide variety of training programs, TrapWire instructors impart decades of real-world knowledge and experience to class participants, with the ultimate goal of better preparing each student to deal with the pressing security concerns faced by intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military and private security teams operating against the terrorist and criminal threat. Our training programs are customizable and intended to address the specific needs of each client.

“The security awareness training conducted by trapwire counterterrorism experts professionalized our security department and significantly expanded the focus of our non-security personnel.”



The CCTV Camera Coverage Assessment (CCA) is designed to identify and present the optimal camera positioning around each location for the purpose of detecting pre-attack surveillance and hostile intelligence collection activities. Leveraging the results of the Surveillance Assessment, the CCA will detail the location and required fields of view for each camera to ensure coverage of all surveillance vulnerabilities, choke points, and ingress/egress routes affecting the key surveillance objectives at the site. The CCA will result in a presentation of a plan to optimize the resources required to provide complete video coverage of each site, and to facilitate quick and efficient response by security personnel operating the video management system. The ultimate intent of a CCA is to optimize site camera coverage at the lowest possible cost, while providing a much improved ability to obtain video evidence of surveillance and other suspicious activity occurring around each site.


Deployments of TRAPWIRE to critical infrastructure sites are often preceded by a comprehensive site assessment conducted by experts in surveillance, surveillance detection and attack techniques. The purpose of this assessment is not to critique current security measures, but to better sensitize security personnel to the methods that terrorist and criminal surveillants will use against their site. In our experience, this ability to see your own site through the eyes of a hostile surveillant is critical to your ability to prevent hostile acts. At the client’s discretion, a written report or oral briefing can be prepared for senior management or other key personnel.

Red Teams

Periodically testing the effectiveness of existing security procedures to detect hostile surveillance should be a fundamental component of any security plan. TRAPWIRE Red Team exercises are designed to conduct mock, pre-attack surveillance activities against a facility (employing methodologies used by terrorist organizations, criminals and hostile intelligence services) in an effort to determine the surveillance detection effectiveness of existing personnel and systems. Our Red Teams are comprised of former intelligence and security specialists with decades of real-world counterterrorism and surveillance expertise. Team members have participated in counterterrorist and intelligence operations around the world, and have a first-hand and unique understanding of the hostile surveillant’s modus operandi.