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TRAPWIRE Inc. offers world-class customer support through a variety of customizable offerings. Our Support group consists of teams of qualified specialists who provide advice and expertise in all aspects of the TRAPWIRE system and associated services.


The TRAPWIRE Analytical Support Center (TASC) is a team of talented professionals in data mining and analysis that helps our customers understand the threat landscape they are facing. The TASC provides periodic trend analyses of TRAPWIRE data across the US, as well as analytical assessments of new and evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures. These analyses are securely distributed to TRAPWIRE subscribers directly through the TRAPWIRE system. Additionally, our team is regularly called upon by clients to provide customized analytical support for special projects, and to backstop their own in-house analysts.

“The analytical support I’ve received from TRAPWIRE has been truly exceptional. I’ve sent in numerous requests for very specific and detailed statistical analyses, and the TASC has always provided me with first class products that I’ve been able to pass along to agency partners. Serious kudos to the team.”

Law Enforcement Fusion Center Analyst

Product Support


TRAPWIRE Product Support is provided by vetted, US-based in-house staff who are expert in all aspects of the TRAPWIRE technology. Our support team has received numerous awards for outstanding customer service from both public and private sector entities. Requests for assistance can be made via email, telephone, and through the TRAPWIRE system itself. Our Product Support team is dedicated to ensuring the secure and continuous availability of the TRAPWIRE application, protecting all client data, providing ad hoc training on any aspect of the system, and addressing any other technical issues related to the operation of the TRAPWIRE system.

TRAPWIRE applications will be routinely enhanced and capabilities added at no additional charge to current service subscribers. We encourage our clients to contact the Product Support team with feedback on the TRAPWIRE system.

“Whenever I call TrapWire Support, I actually get to talk with a real person. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. The fact that they know what they are doing and are always able to fix my problems, some of which had nothing to do with the application, is just icing on the cake.”

Assistant Director of Security for a major port facility

“While we adopted your system based on our expectation of its capabilities, I want you to know that we have retained it in no small measure due to the support your people have provided over the past year. The technology is terrific, but I truly have been blown away by the attitude, ability and initiative of your people.”

Senior Law Enforcement Official