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WTOP interviews TrapWire’s Mike Maness on anniversary of 9/11 attacks

All of the officials and experts WTOP spoke to concede that no amount of technology or human dedication can cover what Maness fears — complacency. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Director Mike Maness Interviewed for Article on Changing Terror Tactics

As we harden iconic and high-value targets, they shifted to soft targets and crowded spaces. … [READ MORE]

Inside the Mind of a Terrorist Surveillant

In 2004, acting on a tip from a recently arrested terrorism suspect, Pakistani police raided an Al-Qa’ida safehouse in Gujarat, Pakistan. Among the large amount of evidence collected at the scene were several laptops and 51 compact discs containing details on numerous Al-Qa’ida operations in the US and UK. The discovery of this treasure trove of surveillance and operational plans was a shock to the intelligence and law enforcement communities. … [READ MORE]

Terror Groups Targeting US Business Community for Assassinations

Although foreign and domestic terrorist organizations have long targeted the private sector, Al-Qaeda’s call for jihadists and lone wolves to target specific US business leaders and entrepreneurs is troubling – but not unexpected. … [READ MORE]

Brussels: Anatomy of an Attack

The arrests on Thursday of additional suspects in the Brussels terror attacks supports our assessment that this operation involved a much larger cell than the attack teams who targeted the airport and metro station. In sharp contrast to the attack in San Bernardino, where Syed Rizwan Farook targeted a location requiring little pre-attack preparation (his work place), the Brussels attacks continue to show a high degree of operational planning. … [READ MORE]

The Third Glove

We continue to see speculation within the media that the gloves being worn by the Brussels suspects were associated with the detonator, or as protection against a premature detonation due to static electricity. While it is true the AQ training manual suggests the wearing of gloves to stop static discharge, both AQ and ISIS training manuals instruct their operatives to use clothing or other personal items as visual identifiers during an operation. … [READ MORE]