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Who Defines a Hard Target?

Understanding the motivation and rationale for a criminal event – be it a school shooting, an armed robbery, or a terrorist attack – is as much art as it is science. It is easy to dismiss every school shooting as a violent cry for help by a mentally unstable individual, every robbery as an act of greed, and every Middle East terror event as being “jihadist” inspired. There are, of course, numerous examples to fit these paradigms; however, this simplistic rationalization risks missing the forest for the trees. … [READ MORE]

Inside the Mind of a Terrorist Surveillant

In 2004, acting on a tip from a recently arrested terrorism suspect, Pakistani police raided an Al-Qa’ida safehouse in Gujarat, Pakistan. Among the large amount of evidence collected at the scene were several laptops and 51 compact discs containing details on numerous Al-Qa’ida operations in the US and UK. The discovery of this treasure trove of surveillance and operational plans was a shock to the intelligence and law enforcement communities. … [READ MORE]

A New Approach to Public Safety

Business Executives for National Security (BENS) released an Issue Paper yesterday advocating for a new, networked approach to public safety. This approach focuses on the development of public/private partnerships to improve America’s ability to address an increasingly complex threat environment. … [READ MORE]

Potential Security Threats Posed by Social Media and Other Apps

TRAPWIRE bulletin regarding the Pokemon Go app. … [READ MORE]

How Do We Stop the New Terrorist Modus Operandi?

Connecting these dots is currently the single greatest challenge facing law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. … [READ MORE]

The Importance of Understanding the “How” Rather Than Just the “Why” of Terrorism

While understanding the “why’s” of terrorism is an important component of countering this phenomenon, changing the “why’s” will be a Herculean effort. … [READ MORE]

The Pre-Attack Sequence

Understanding the goals (and limitations) of hostile reconnaissance operations should be part of every law enforcement and private security training program. While their intelligence collection practices are critical to their success, they also represent a major vulnerability. Knowing how to exploit that vulnerability is key to establishing an effective defense against terrorism. The first step in that process is understanding the Terrorist Pre-Attack Sequence. … [READ MORE]

“They do their homework” (audio)

Listen to Dan Botsch, President of TRAPWIRE, discuss the challenges faced by the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities in the current terrorism threat environment with WTOP’s J.J. Green. … [READ MORE]