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Surveillance Detection Extends Beyond Counter-Terrorism

A recent rash of car thefts at the Seattle-Tacoma (SEATAC) airport highlights the importance of comprehensive surveillance detection. … [READ MORE]

Sexual Predator on the Loose: Law Enforcement Seeking Help from the Public

Private citizens can provide actionable intelligence on a wide-variety of criminal activities and should be encouraged/reminded that sometimes even the smallest bit of information can lead to a major investigation. … [READ MORE]

TRAPWIRE Vendor Performance Award

TRAPWIRE Inc. has received an Exceptional Vendor Recognition Award from the Texas Department of Public Safety. … [READ MORE]

Public-Private Information Sharing: Early Threat Detection Extends Beyond Terrorism

As we have seen since our first deployment in 2009, tips and leads from citizens often lead to robust investigations, whether related to terrorism or not. … [READ MORE]

A Dark Day for Law Enforcement

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the law enforcement officers killed and wounded in yesterday’s brazen attack in Dallas. … [READ MORE]